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Nike Zoom Rival Sprint

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Race out of the starting blocks and finish with a flurry in a spike designed with speed in mind. Its robust, reinforced yet lightweight upper provides the key containment necessary to attack the turns and straightaways around the oval. Feel the power and drive of the forefoot plate as you get up on your toes and hightail it towards the tape.

Stay on Your Toes

An updated 3/4-length plate is lightweight, snappy and provides aggressive sturdiness to help keep you sprinting on your toes.

Stick And Sprint

Six replaceable spikes offer optimal traction on all track surfaces. Lightweight ceramic aluminium material adds durability.

More Benefits

  • Rubber at the heel gives cushion and durability for your footstrike and traction for post-race braking.
  • A midfoot band provides dynamic lace-up fit and supportive containment through the arch.
  • Forefoot mesh layered with reinforcement provides breathability and durability.

Product Details

  • Designed for events ranging from 60m to 400m, including hurdle events
  • Foam midsole