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Nike Zoom Long Jump 4

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The Nike Zoom LJ 4 is made for long jump and pole vault athletes to achieve optimum performance. The synthetic leather upper is engineered for flawless support and a comfortable fit. You get extreme breathability from the K.T.S.O (Keep The Sand Out), a mesh designed to protect against sand entering your shoe and disturbing your focus.

Adjust the fit to exactly how you like it with the Velcro Lock Down Strap of the forefoot. The zipper closure over the laces adds to achieving this perfect fit. The EVA Wedge is made from high density foam. It is strategically placed beneath the heel and midfoot to provide ultimate support and cushioning.

You get superior traction from the 3/4 length Nylon Plate. The rubber outsole boasts enhanced reliability of the grip, running the length between the heel and Nylon plate, with seven spike receptacles in the forefoot.